Speed Dating Nowadays: Is It Popular Among the LGBT Community?

These days, singles have many different ways to meet potential partners. Offline methods still remain relatively common, but there’s certainly been an increase in online dating over the past decade. In fact, the vast majority of younger singles prefer to look for a relationship online rather than hoping to find the “perfect partner” in their everyday interactions. Since, as evident by multiple reviews of the dating sites, each city, country, and the state has its own dating sites that work best there. Dating in London, Manchester, Sydney, and Dallas might be drastically different, and there is no universal answer to which app or site works best everywhere. Finding a perfect platform for dating online is not an easy task, so gay men might wonder what the best ways to meet gays in Manchester are and get their answers by reading the reviews specific to their region. However, there are other options to consider. While blind dates and going out with mutual acquaintances might be no-brainer options, there is another option: speed dating!

What is Speed Dating?

 As the name suggests, speed dating is a type of dating that focuses on going on multiple “dates” fast. Generally, speed dating is held in the form of an event, where multiple singles of whatever gender the event is designed for will attend the event to go on “speed dates.” Assuming we’re talking about gay dating here, the length of these speed dates will vary (generally, it’s between three to eight minutes), and singles will have the chance to talk to multiple potential partners in a very short time. Not only does this give them the opportunity to meet people they might not have run into in their normal day-to-day routine, but it also limits the amount of time wasted going on unnecessary dates with gay guys you’re not really interested in. Rather than being uninterested with someone but sticking it out for an hour-long coffee session, you can simply talk to them for five minutes then never have to deal with them again!

 How Does It Work?

 While attending the event, gay singles will be randomly paired with each other for a “date.” When the organizer tells you to begin, you & your partner will have a short conversation to get to know each other and see if you’re compatible. Once the short time frame “date” is up, everyone in attendance will switch partners. This process will continue until the event ends, at which point you’ll write down the guy(s) you were interested in and submit them to the organizer. If he likes you back, the organizer will give you both contact information so you can set up your first full-length date!

 What Can I Expect?

 The first time you attend a speed dating event, you might find yourself stressed out. Thankfully, this will pass pretty quickly once you realize that you only have a limited amount of time to talk to potential partners and determine an exact series of questions to ask. The best part about speed dating is that there’s no pressure: while it’s certainly possible you might meet some weirdos, for the most part, the gay guys you meet will just be looking for the perfect personality match. The more you’re asked, the easier the questions will be to answer, and you’ll gain a better idea of which questions to ask to “yes” or “no” your potential partners. Besides, such events are often held in bars, pubs, and other venues, so you can spend time in your favorite Manchester bar and flirt with the cute gay singles at the same time.

 Does It Actually Help People Find Partners?

 Although many people will have different experiences while speed dating, overall, most Manchester singles describe their experience as positive. Like most things, your chance of success is largely dependent on how long you decide to stick with it. If you only attend one or two meetings, you probably won’t find your perfect gay partner (unless you’re extremely lucky!). However, if you don’t mind putting in a bit of time & effort, speed dating really does give you a good shot at finding a local match. It’s important to note that how you choose to present yourself will have an effect on your chance of success as well. This means opening up: this might be hard for shy guys, but sadly, “shy” guys tend to get fewer matches, so it’s something you’ll need to overcome. It’s also important to note that many men speed date simply for a quick hookup, so if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you’ll want to make this apparent,

 What Happens After?

 If you and your potential partner match, you’ll be given each other’s contact information. From here, you’ll need to reach out & set up your first date! There are many cute date ideas to consider, so find something that you’re both comfortable with. Generally, we don’t recommend going overboard on the first date. Even something as simple as coffee or a movie can do wonders for your romantic life. “Slow and steady wins the race,” so don’t rush it; just enjoy the process!

 Is It Right for Me?

 Speed dating is a great alternative to finding a relationship online, and it’s growing increasingly popular within the LGBT community. With more and more men signing up for speed dating events every day, the likelihood of finding the perfect guy increases! If you’ve only ever been dating online, you’ll feel quite familiar when comparing communication on online dating websites and in speed dating events. If nothing else, you’ll meet new people & potentially make new friends. However, with a bit of luck, you’ll be face to face with your new sweetheart in no time. Happy speed dating!

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