Positive Parenting with Josie

Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, a guide on how to when we have babies, how to manage the terrible twos or deal with the back chat of a 9 year old who thinks he’s 15.

Add situations like what feels like a year of lockdown and you find, like I did, these challenging behaviours are more heightened. It feels continuous and you just haven’t the patience or power to deal with them day in day out.

Meet Josie. A Berkshire Mum of 3 with a background in childcare and Montessori teaching. She’s been working with families for over 7 years enriching them with the tools to help us parents be as awesome as we can.

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My partner and I were kindly given the opportunity to join Josie’s 3 session online workshop “Little People, Big Feelings” A group session where parents come together to learn some techniques as to how to positive parent. How to manage challenging parenting scenarios we are faced with on a daily basis by our kids. There’s no shaming. No judgement. Just advice and encouragement. Connection and understanding the behaviour is key. The theme that you teach rather than discipline. Getting them to think for themselves, allowing them to have ownership and some power in the choices they make, while providing them with guidance and clear expectations. Freedom with order. Sound impossible?

For someone who has two very spirited, strong willed boys, I have found that I am less reactive and have taken time to think back to the lessons and my mind says “What would Josie suggest?”

Josies enthusiastic delivery and clear passion for what she does leaves you feeling empowered. It makes you believe you can get the best out of your kids and build a fun, loving and honest relationship with them. It certainly has given me food for thought as to the parent I want to be and how to get the best from the personalities my children have.

Josie offers many other classes including 1:1 support. She has also set up an online membership based Inner Circle Community Group which provides you with tips, skills and online tutorials to keep you feeling positive and on track. To discover more, check out Positive Parenting with Josie

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