Fun Ideas to Connect with your Family on Christmas Day

We all know that Christmas Day will be different this year and not quite as we hoped.  That said, there are still lots of fun things you can do with your families virtually.

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Here are a few fun ideas you can do online with your family and friends this Christmas season.

Online Escape rooms

Fancy yourself as a detective? Or maybe you are good at finding clues to break free out of an escape room, there’s lots of different options.  Here’s the ones we’ve picked out!

Macmillan Cancer Games Night In

Offering a great selection of games such as Escape Room, Horse Racing, Quizzes and Whodunnit! Get ready to solve virtual puzzles and escape to freedom! They send you everything you need to host a party, and raise money – all you have to do is sign up on their website

Escape Live

If you fancy something a bit more interactive Escape Live offer lots of different experiences to bring the fun, thrill and excitement to your home.  With real live actors trapped in rooms this is like no other you will ever experience! You have 1 hour to work your way through the clues to unlock the doors.  Warning this is not for the faint hearted we managed to get our prisoner out of the room with 2 minutes to go!

Host a Christmas Zoom Quiz

Download our Christmas questions here!

Pictionary via Zoom

Why not gather your family members and play Pictionary?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click the share screen button
  • Click whiteboard
  • Click share

The annotation tools will appear automatically, but you can press the whiteboard option in the meeting controls to show and hide them.

Then get everyone to think of something and get drawing and guessing.  Great for a bit of family fun!

Memory games

Collect a tray of items before your call and show everyone the tray.  Slowly take items away one by one and see if people can guess what’s missing! It’s hard enough in person but virtually this would be a great challenge for all the family…and good for kids too!

Guess the song

Each family member hums a song – the others have to guess what the song is! First one to guess correctly gets 5 points.  This game you get to see who the best hummers in the family are!

Photo quizzes

Everyone loves a good photo quiz.  Select photos from films, or of celebrities and email them to family members before your call then get guessing. Put a timer on to add extra pressure! Again, award prizes for correct answers.

Here’s some inspiration if you need any help

Virtual Bingo

Get everyone to draw out a grid of 5 squares by 5 squares. Then write down numbers 1-50 inside the squares.  You should have 25 numbers.

The bingo caller then writes numbers 1-50 on small pieces of paper and folds them up and places them in a bowl.

The bingo caller then draws the numbers from the bowl and shouts them out.  First person to win a line gets points, first person to get all the numbers for a ‘full house’ gets points.  This really is great fun for all the family no matter what age!

Kahoot Quizzes

Organise your own quizzes tailored to your family on Kahoot through your mobile phone or tablet.  Simply sign up, download Kahoot on your phone or tablet, it generates a pin code, you get everyone to log in with that code and you do the quiz through your device.  Fastest person to answer gets up on a virtual leader board! This is definitely one for the more competitive people in the family!!

Family food and wine

If you’re not into games how about picking a country and then hosting a themed party with family and friends from that country.  You could even dress up if you wish!  Who fancies a Spanish night with tapas and Rioja wine? Or maybe you’re more of a French cheese and wine with a nice bottle of Bordeaux? This is your opportunity to be as creative as you want and have some fun!

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